November 27-28, 2019


Singapore City, Singapore

About City

Singapore also known as the Lion City or the city of Little Red dot in South East Asia, this city is the only island city state of the world. This city is a global finance, commerce as well as transportation hub. It has always been ranked highly in the fields of life expectancy, personal safety, healthcare, education etc. Singapore has always give utmost priority to the fields of education and firmly believes in educating its population in the fields of science and technology, health and medicine, economics and finance, social science and humanities, business and politics etc. The main idea behind educating it masses is that educated masses will become educated citizens and will ultimately contribute towards the country’s economy and can pave the path for a better and healthier tomorrow. And events, conferences and seminars play a vital role in educating the masses because it provides a global platform where people belonging to various technical, non-technical as well as political background assemble to share their work and research with others.



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