October 16-17, 2019


Singapore City, Singapore

About Energy Congress 2019

10th World Congress on Energy Conference which will be held during October 16-17, 2019 in Singapore City, Singapore. Deliberating the world, global warming suppression is compelling matter. Coping these issues, we are developing new projects involving renewable energy using innovative ideas in renewable and non-renewable Energy Conference. Open presentation and discussion in the Energy Meeting about on-going research, experiences and result quite significant toward the development of twenty-first-century technology, considering moreover the various worldwide scientific analysts to gather together. Commercial activities of humans are over-burdening our air with carbon dioxide and other unnatural weather change emanations, which trap warm, relentlessly drive up the planet's temperature and make critical and unsafe effects on our well-being, our condition and our atmosphere. Expanding the supply of renewable energy would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce U.S. global warming emission.

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Peter Kiernan

Peter Kiernan

Lead Analyst, Fordham University, Singapore

Sol Haroon

Sol Haroon

Director, University of Waterloo, USA

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Venue Information

Beautiful location in the heart of the city


Hotel Holiday Inn, Singapore city


To get to the venue place, you can take one of the city bus lines, tube or railway service. All the services are comfortable to reach into the place.