June 24-25, 2019


New York, USA

Media Partner

Vydya Health

Vydya Health provides the platform to market the product that impacts healthy living. It assists in promotion of conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and congresses.

Kind Congress

Kind Congress is a free worldwide service to advance the quality of congresses and seminars with the aim of expanding cultural science. The Kind Congress Conference center was initiated in the Late 2016 for the purpose of notifying the most reliable scientific conferences and seminars. Kind Congress Site has been implemented to give quick access to users for all the conferences. Conferences displayed on this center will be displayed individually and independently. The Kind Congress follows these goals:- register for congresses and seminars, involve maximum participation & encourage speakers to present in their research of their own field of study and evaluate the congresses and seminars.

Placid Way

Placid Way is a global business network which allows companies to expand their businesses elsewhere in the world by providing them with access to health-care providers and consumers from around the world. Clear vision, commitment to the market and high business ethics as well as visionary leadership provides the most comprehensive resources available and enables healthcare consumers to connect with providers which offer affordable and high-quality services.

Industry Events

Industry Events brings together the world’s business events including conferences, trade fairs, conventions, webinars, networking events and training courses to make it easier for people to find, attend and network at events in their profession and cross-industry.

The Pharma Times

The Pharma Times provides with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the pharma industry including in-depth coverage, news, views, reviews market dynamics, research and design of this industry.


Medtube is an online video-centric education and communication platform for healthcare professionals.



Ponsist is a Global Surgical Society sharing platform exclusively to verified surgical specialists. Providing surgeons across the globe with the advantages of social media tailored to their specific needs.